Tobermory ... waiting for a boat

Quick update from the road. I'm doing well, I'm sunburnt, dirty, sore, and basically having an awesome time. Internets are few and far between so far, apologies for lack of updates. See facebook and the tour page for more photos.

Nothing too adventurous to tell about yet. A couple nights ago I had a nocturnal visitor around 4:30am at my camp site rooting about in my trailer (I was not practicing Brian Shean's recommended food caching techniques, for shame!). Being woken up in the great outdoors by creatures huffing and clawing in the darkness is a bit nerve wracking. In my mind it was obviously a bear, in reality it was a raccoon. I chased him off before he got to the good stuff but he took everything from my handlebar bag, wee punk!

Yesterday I got caught out on the road in a thunderstorm and without a tarp. I pulled off the road and hid under my tent fly (thanks again Wade!) then made camp in the rain on a disused logging road. For those who weren't sure, making camp in the rain is not much fun. Today I bought a tarp. For those who aren't sure, buy a tarp.

Taking the ferry to Manitoulin this afternoon and my laundry should be done at the coin wash across the street so I better get moving!