on the go

I've decided to try something a little different this summer, I'm going mobile, geek on wheels at your service so to speak. My last day in the cube farm is this Friday, after which my focus will be preparing to ride a bicycle to the Pacific. Specifically, I would like to cap the summer off with a photo of me at Mile 0 of the Trans-Canada highway in Victoria.

For those who are interested or overcome with concern that I may be eaten by wild beasts (hi Mom!) I will be posting updates, photos, stories, and anything else that I can as opportunity allows. I will also provide more info on how to keep in touch while I'm out and about but for the moment the facebook and email are best bets.

Among other things, a personal goal for this trip is to meet people, make friends, and try to make myself useful. If you happen to find yourself living somewhere along the way, or know of folks who are and have a summer project on in the works that could use a seasoned geek, a strong (ish!) back, or an extra pair of hands for a few days by all means get in touch or pass along my details and we'll work something out.

At the moment plans are still being formed but my intention is to be departing mid June. I have quite a bit to do before then so don't expect me to vanish overnight. I'll be around a while yet, drop a line if you wanna hang out before the rolling starts and we'll grab a beer.