sqlite to mysql with less jank

I recently had a need to move some data from sqlite to mysql and didn't find a solution that suited me. There are some shady looking proprietary apps that do this, lots of janky sed scripts to munge a sqlite dump into mysql format, and I think the mysql workbench might do it but I wasn't prepared to wrestle with that thing.

I wanted a simple tool for a simple task so I wrote one and called it datahoser.

It's built atop the SQLAlchemy reflection system, creates databases, tables, and inserts rows, and has a simple but thorough verification step after data has been copied.

It's not quite ready for prime time as it relies on an unreleased SQLAlchemy bugfix and could use a bit of tidying up but it functions as advertised. It also has some examples of how to convert between non-native data types in case your source database uses a type not available in the target DB. In theory it should copy data to or from any RDBS supported by SQLalchemy though I've only tried it on sqlite and mysql so far.

I'll throw it up on pypi when I'm able. If you need to use it lemme know how it goes.

In unrelated news my blog turned ten years old yesterday. I still agree with my original assessment. Accelerando is a hell of a book.