why i read english russia

Besides the fact that something cool does seem to happen daily on one sixth the Earth's surface, cool stuff happened there back in the day too. Yesterdays colour photos circa ~1900 are an interesting glimpse into the past. I'm pretty sure I failed history but I often find stuff like this fascinating.

This photographers stuff washed up on my screen once before when I stumbled onto an LOC archive of middle America a while back. For more of the Russia series surf this way. For a view of Toronto through the way back machine take a look at this unfortunately named but conveniently world readable listing of various city archive photos. For less sifting and more detail there are more conventional sites.

Anyway English Russia is great stuff, read early, and read often. In my suggested reading department I've re-tuned my sidebar from dugg stories to shared items in Google Reader. Hopefully this will provide a more interesting overview of what I'm eyeballing these days. For the rest of the stuff I try to read consistently see my OPML (c'mon 'blogroll' just sounds stupid).