fourty five nanometers is like uh, pretty small

Intel does a press release about shiny new chips and decides to give some website camera clearance and a guided tour of their research facilities, Q and A provided by Director of Process Architecture and Integration and Senior Fellow Mark Bohr. Cool, great this should be interesting. Oh, wait, what the hell Arstechnica? You were moving so Scoble gets the interview?

I mean, moving sucks and all but I really would have liked to have heard some more detailed questions given the setting. This is just like that time the dude at Tim Hortons left the crullers defenseless while he went to get a roll of nickels to make change only I couldn't decide if I wanted glazed or not and he caught me behind the counter trying to make up my mind. Another fantastic opportunity ... wasted due to bad planning.

Grumble grumble grumbling.