view from the cube

If somebody asks you what you do for a living and you can look them in the eyes and say honestly, "I am a systems analyst", odds are pretty good you're looking into some rapidly glazing eyes. Which is fine by this guy. Once I'm out of work try to avoid thinking about it let alone go into great detail about the countless minutiae that fill an analysts day. That being said one thing people constantly ask me is what my office looks like, which I continue to find curious. The hand that feeds is a fairly large Canadian financial institution so I suppose folks might have visions of great towering clusters, insane monitoring setups, or maybe digital dollars in great heaps.

Sadly this is not so. No doubt hairless bipeds are hurtling towards their sudden stop in similar looking grey and fluorescent cages all over the place. Poor bastards. Here's mine ...

(update: banks are boring, no sh!t eh?)