usb powered hockey rat trophy

Yeah you read it right.

Yesterday my dad and I were making our tipsy way home after watching the Jays take a beating at my local bar.  On the way in we saw what I guess someone who'd been moving had left by the service entrance to my apartment, boxes and miscellaneous junk.  I saw a weird rat statue with a USB cable sticking out of it and thought, whoa, USB powered rat!

Hell yeah!

So I grabbed it and said to pop and incidentally to a neighbor who was waiting for the elevator; "Yo check it out, USB rat statue!"

Dad: "Um, cool?"

We step into the elevator.

Girl: "Er, are you sure that's not just a rat statue with a USB cable hanging on it?"

Me: Pulling a random USB cable free of rat statue, "Um, nope".

So now what do I do with a non USB powered rat hockey trophy?  Suggestions welcome.