unexpected and unconventional in the Sault

Quick update as I roll out of Sault Ste. Marie. I arrived here Sunday evening around seven after what has been by far my longest day on the road, I put in ten hours to make it here for Canada day. What I had planned when I got here was to find my way to Velorution, but as I was trying to sort that out I got a text from Brian and his wife Natale simply saying that they had good friends in the Sault and here's their number, "you should call them".

So what, I'm going to call a total stranger, dog tired and covered in sweat and road grime and say "Hi I'm Rob"?

I texted back asking this very question.

"Yes" was the simple answer.

I called. I was given an address, and I made my way over.

I was completely ill prepared for how well and quickly I would take a liking to Jonathan and his wife Julia. From out of the blue stranger to heading downtown for fireworks and drinks we chatted up and down through travel stories, films, books, growing up, acting like a kid anyway, and countless other things including all the shenanigans we'd each gotten up to in Toronto over the years. I've had plenty of people ask me about this trip, stuff like "how many kilometres is it?" or "how long will it take you?", pretty standard stuff. Then I met these guys.

"Tell me about how this has changed your relationship with time". Whoa, aight I had to think about that one.

We played catch with heady chit chat long into the night and lounged about trying to stay ahead of the beating sun the next day. All in all a very relaxing long weekend in the Sault! Thanks again Jonathan and Julia, good luck with planning your big changes. Looking forward to catching up with you again in the big smoke.

Today, out and around Lake Superior, next stop Pancake Bay.