true story

I was perusing some old PA cartoons today and stumbled across this gem.

It reminded me of when I was living just across town from my mother and kid brothers a few years back, I'd often have my little brothers crash over on a weekend to stay up late and watch movies that mom doesn't approve of. What follows is as near to verbatim as I can recall ...

Vince (youngest brother, around 9 at the time): Cool you got Grand Theft Auto? Can I play it??

Me: Erm, sure but you CAN'T tell mom okay? If she asks, we were playing WipeoutXL right?

Vince: Right!

the next day mom stops by to grab Vince

Mom: Hi guys! Did you have fun Vinny?

Vince: MOM! I beat up a hooker with a baseball bat and took all her money!

Mom: looks about as impressed as you'd expect

Me: facepalm