republican douchebags

That's right, mass douchebaggery is not just for New Jersey any more. Today at lunch some conversation and a trip to the intarwebs revealed the truth. We were watching a CNN blurb about Newt Gingrich when this chit chat began ...

Derek: Every time I see this guy he reminds me of that other republican douchebag.

Angus: Who?

Derek: The one on the radio, y'know the irritating one.

Angus and I: blank stares

Derek: Ah I dunno. This is gonna bug me, just google it on your blackberry.

Angus: Google what, "Republican douchebag on the radio" !?

Derek and I laughing: YES!!

Angus: Hrm there's not much, I'll try just "republican douchebag".

results ...

Derek: Yeah, that guy!