thinks i thunk

in no particular order

I heard the phrase "drinking the Tron Water" used to describe using a net connection.  I've decided that sitting in front of my RSS reader is like sitting in front of the Tron Water fire hose.

A good friend and I recently had a conversation about music and documentaries and it occurred to me that I'd much rather hear a song by a band I've never heard of before than learn any single thing about a band I already like.

For a society built on abundance, nearly any vision of the future is accurate.  Abundant variety demands it.

The way this page layout ignores extra screen real estate on a widescreen monitor is criminal!

I heard somewhere that when Warner Bros bought the rights to make the Matrix movies someone said "We know we've got something cool here, but we don't know exactly what it is".  I get the feeling that in the tech world those moments happen most often when cramped rooms with fluorescent lighting are addressed by clever but greasy geeks being filmed poorly.

I treat an incoming call like an audio email inbox.  If I don't recognize it, it's automatically spam.