solo city

As a teenager I spent some time living in a small city on Vancouver Island with around thirty thousand people.  Even as a youngin' I had an unhealthy appreciation for all things apocalyptic.  Road Warrior, The Stand, Swan Song, pretty much anything Of The Dead.  If most of humanity was gone, I was paying attention to it.  

One weekend morning in my small city I had to be downtown early for some reason and on my way there as I crested a hill that overlooked the city center I realized I could not see or hear any evidence of another human being anywhere.  There were no cars moving anywhere, no boats in the channel, no people in my line of sight.  Just me and a big empty city.  It's a strange feeling, scary and liberating at the same time, like the first time you sneak off in your parents car.

I saw this short video today and it reminded me of that morning.  Enjoy!