kick(start) a diaspora when it's down?

Like a lot of people, when I caught wind of the Diaspora project I decided to ante up and see what some hipster lookin' kids from NYU could do about taking the suck out of Facebook.  I'd never used Kickstarter before, the platform they used to collect digital alms to fund their work so I bought a temporary Visa card and put ten bucks in their coffer looking forward to seeing how it all turned out.  Then I got distracted and wandered off to spend the rest of my temporary Visa on stupid shirts and other internet foolishness.

Fast forward to today, the end of their fundraising period.  Which apparently Kickstarter waits for before they actually try to charge your card, so of course now that my sweet geometry apparel is paid for and en route, my donation got declined.  So now I'm the asshole who jerks the rug out from under these guys to the tune of TEN DOLLARS!  

We're talking tens of dozens of cents here people.

Okay so it's not a big deal, but seriously I can't be the only one who had this happen.  Maybe it never occurred to them that someone might not implicitly trust them from the get go? C'mon Kickstarter, get yer head in the game.