so that happened

I recently discussed free weights with a friend who takes his fitness pretty seriously, and I mentioned to him that my apartment building has a modest gym that I hadn't really checked out. He suggested I stop by and take some pics of the equipment so he could judge its worthiness. I looked in on it with cameraphone in hand other day on the way to work, but it was in use so I let it go for a couple days.

Today my friend messaged me when I got home.

Chris 05:23:09 PM
You get them photos?

Rob 05:23:11 PM
Ah fuck.
Aight well I gotta hit the laundry room, I'll detour the gym on the way back.

Chris 05:23:54 PM
Ya, do that.

Rob 05:24:53 PM
But srsly if theres ppl in there I'm not standin around takin pics like a creeper.
I'll be the guy with the laundry detergent and the bleach gettin the fuck outta there.

15 minutes later ...

Rob 05:40:52 PM
So that went well.

I walked in and there were two hot chicks doing some kind of aerobic thing in front of a mirror that pointed at me and a chick on a bike facing the door.

They all stared at me in my work shirt and jeans holding a jug of laundry soap.

At which point I was realizing that I had gone down and forgotten my phone up here.

So they all got an eyefull of a tableau I'm calling: confused idiot with soap.

If I'd had a camera I'd have taken a picture of that, it would have been great I'm sure.

Chris 05:42:52 PM
That is some of the best performance art I've heard of.

Rob 05:43:00 PM
Hahah, maybe I missed my calling?

Chris 05:43:12
Never too late.