one up, one down

I guess I missed the buzz but TVNZB has been back for a couple weeks now which pleases me greatly. Now that ze storage is back online I'll be checking the offerings regularly. Though it does seem that my chosen image hosting service Zooomr is having some RAID problems of their own. AFAIK they have no ETA on a fix, so if things is still borked tomorrow night I'll try moving my banner and misc pics elsewhere while they make with the fixins.

On the moving front most stuff is in line for tomorrow. Barring anything larger than the average moving day catastrophes (last time the truck was four hours late) or bouts of high caliber debauchery (we filled in the aforementioned hours with beer) or work interfering with my day (okay well actually after the move and the beer I ditched work flat out last time) I should be done in time to make an appearance at the mysterious "Secret Beach Party".

Fingers crossed!