gary the homeless guy

Some homeless guy followed me home from the beer store today, offering to divine my home town in exchange for a cold Grolsch from my frosty box-o-beers. He toterred along all the way to my front door narrowing down the options. "You were born in Canada for sure", he said. "In Ontario definitely, and not South of here. You were born North of Toronto." I played along and let him know he was right but he brushed it off saying "Oh don't tell me yet, I know I'm right so far".

When we got to the gate which surrounds my house I put the question to him. "Okay, this is me. So where was I born?".


I almost dropped my beer. So WTF I figured. He nailed it fair and square so I shared a beer and a smoke with Gary The Homeless guy and chatted about the city we share, family, and the mystery of the opposite sex. Then he asked if he could liberate the enormous pile of empties I keep just inside my front door, which I obliged before he went on his way.

As a rule I always give my empties to the guys rummaging in the recycle bins. I hate taking empties back but I hate not recycling them too. I figure that can balance out my "no I'm sorry you can't have any change" karma.

Anyway, heres to you Gary The Homeless Guy. Hope you enjoyed ze frosty beverage!