machine-do salmond kai

More Canadian than syrup!

I was pleasantly surprised this week to hear from my brother Terry that he's gotten himself settled here on the intertubes with a blog called Machindo (props for a damn fine name btw). He's spent the past few years working with some of the countries best chefs, cooking at five star resorts, and pulling a stint at each of the two most profitable restaurants in Canada. Now that he's settled himself in "Hollywood North" he's been getting back to his original passion in the entertainment business, working with a production company scouting interesting concepts for the big and small screens.

So surf on over if that sounds like your dish. Also my mother apparently bought herself a domain last week and is preparing to publish a personal showcase of her photography and articles from her adventures in journalism land. Barring any galleries involving my childhood bare ass (did ANYBODY dress me?) I'm pleased to see the fam adventuring into the digiwebs.