i wanna mash the mashups

Here's a theoretical scenario. Let's say that last week I missed a friend and co-workers going away party due to a raging hangover and an empty wallet. If that were the case I might be inclined today to call my friend up and say "Hey how 'bout I swing by later with a box of beer and we put that box to a quick death?"

He might just say "Sure here's my address, call me when yer leavin", and I might very well take that address and punch it into google maps to see where I need to get to. But being that I live in TO and I Ride the Rocket(TM) I might be so inclined to open a new browser tab and take a look at Crazed Monkeys amazing TTC Google Map to figure out what subway station I'm heading to.

Wait, didn't someone say something about beer? Oh right, I did. Theoretically.

Then it's off to another tab and the astoundingly useful Ontario Beer Hunter. Now if I did all that I'd be flicking back and forth between a regular GMap address lookup and two different mashups and trying to work out were I need to go. What the world needs (in theory) is a way to mash all these bits of data onto one map so my feeble brain need not divide itself between browser tabs!

I'm thinking maybe a copy/paste tool up near the zoom controls, or perhaps on option to generate a KML or GeoRSS file from a given map and then import it into another. Probably a job for greasemonkey for the time being, but I could see this being useful for people who want to create a static mashup of things they've found in various places.

Googlebot ... hear my cries!