change of scenery

my corner of the city

So the move is pretty much behind me. I'm unpacked and pretty much settled in the filing cabinet just off Carlton, about a block away from my old place next to The Phoenix. It is somewhat quieter but the lack of a hotdog guy in my front yard has already forced a trip to this place my mom calls the "grocery store".

I've got a list growing all the time of miscellaneous crap I need to pick up still (toaster, picture frames, scissors, etc.) but the all important ice cube trays are in, and I somehow found time to pick up Guitar Hero 2 despite my somewhat crippling lack of a TV or a 360. The axe has found a temporary home at a buddies place for the time being and I must say, the two player co-op is an obscene amount of fun. This game has rekindled my long lost love of console gaming. I want a GH2 karaoke bar to open up in this town ASAP!

So I'm open to suggestions on a decent LCD (32"-37") for gaming and piping my mpeg4 onto. I'm considering the HP my friend has (LC3772N) but I haven't done much reading yet.