working and playing in the Peg

After crossing into a new province about a week ago I quickly made my way to the next stop on my trip, visiting my old friend Joel and meeting his wife Tammy and son Kayden in their rural home just outside Winnipeg. I happened to arrive a few days before a surprise party and family reunion Tammy had organized for her mother's 65th birthday, so Joel and I set about making ourselves useful picking up supplies and setting up for the bash. I got to meet a lot more family than I expected and was happy to be treated like kin while my family is far away.

After the bday celebrations were over Joel offered to bring me along on his daily commute into Winnipeg so I could see about arranging some work while I'm here to pad the travel fund. I've spent the last few days toting, loading, and hauling and enjoying the contrast of a different routine from the riding.

I'll be rolling on again this weekend. Next stop is Calgary to visit more friends and family!