what would richard morgan do?

(Kovacs would probably slide up behind you like a whisper and slip a biocoded tebbit knife between a couple of your cervical vertebrae.  If he felt you to be deserving of a quick death.)

It seems however that Richard Morgan would go off and write the sequel for one of the best received game franchises of all time.  He made a rather nonspecific announcement about doing some writing for the gaming world late last year but has been fairly quiet about it since.

This is likely what has been keeping him from working on the proposed Altered Carbon movie so I'm pretty torn.  The idea of Morgan writing games is interesting but the fans had already been waiting for a Kovacs movie for five years when the first Crysis game came out.  Of course if I'd learned anything by now I'd take a page from Quell and face the facts.  The man needs to eat after all.