three interesting things for monday

Here's a few interesting things to help you either distract yourself from your week or take it head on. Your call.

1. Instead of spending eternity in an urn or perhaps as an artificial diamond, how about as a piece of 3D printed art? Perhaps, a tableau of a couple birds and a toaster?
- gracias

2. I've yet to find any groundbreaking research at Zachary Burt's blog, but his well metered explanations and summaries of past and current psychology research have prompted me to put a few things on my reading list.  His three part series beginning with "The Science of Compliance" gets the point across by citing a world renowned professor and a world renowned jackass.  My kind of article.

3. By far the most interesting thing I discovered by reading Charlies post today about Afghanistan was this article by a man who grew up in Kabul "in the 50's and 60's".  He describes the city he remembers and provides a series of photos of impressively bouffanted ladies and brylrceemed men working and studying in what looks like any western city of the era.