oz has their own jack thompson?

Once while playing the first AVP for PC way back in the day, my then seven or eight year old brother crept quietly into my geek lair (re: bedroom) to let me know that ma had dinner on the table. I remember I was playing the marines campaign which more or less puts you in the roll of Hudson and Hicks from the Aliens movie, running about with motion trackers (authentic sound fx!!), flame throwers, and of course the M41A pulse rifle taking out nasty aliens and generally being a bad ass. That is, when you're net getting eaten, impregnated, or slaughtered by predators.

After watching me running blind into a dark tunnel lit only by muzzle flare and being torn to shreds by digital baddies my brother piped up to deliver his message, and me being right into the game at that moment jumped and screamed so loud I scared him half to death and he burst in to tears (sorry bro).

I say all that to say; I love the AVP games. I played the hell outta the first two and I'm looking forward to this one. Good thing I don't live in Australia though, or I may be forced to steal videogames off teh intarnets, since there's no way to legally buy this game down under.

(Come to think of it, someone should sue somebody over forcing aussies to be dirty pir8s!)

Yeah apparently this douchebag has decided for the country that no one over the age of fifteen should be given the choice of what type of video game content is acceptable for they themselves to consume in order to protect the fifteen and under folks. Yeah you read that right, work that logic around in your mouth for a minute if you like but it won't taste any better. I'm surprised he hasn't banned booze, porn, and for that matter sex between consenting adults all together.

I remember how happy I was after playing through the original Max Payne (rated M 17+) to discover that as a child of the nintendo generation video games really had grown up with me, and the kind of content and narrative that I'd come to enjoy as an adult was being made available in the digital medium I'd come to love.

The highlight of all this is the response of the games creators who've basically said sorry but we're not pre-chewing this game for folks who think it's too gruesome. Go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure instead.