ottawa in twenty four hours

So my dad called me up recently to say he would be in Ottawa for a few days, and work being a sucking vortex of evil decided to give me just one day off to head up there. I snagged a cheap ride at the island (nuts to the whiners, an airport downtown is a mighty convenience) and grabbed a quick visit and a tour of the office which was pretty cool. The liquid cooled gravity meter was pretty wild looking, they keep it in a tea cosy though which adds an odd grandmotherly look. Good little visit before he's off to work in a Peruvian summer for another couple months, try not to have too much fun

I had a few hours to roll around the city while he straightened out some last minute stuff at work and while I was looking around I managed to photograph the elusive Canadian crackspider! Fortunately I kept my cool having been previously alerted to the dangers of the crackspider and how to avoid becoming its bitch by my well prepared friend Anneveld, thanks Anne.