no fate but a shot at prime time ...

The Stand, Mad Max, and (thank you Feargus!) the Fallout RPGs are among my most enjoyed childhood stories. Both my parents were pretty strongly opposed to graphic violence in anything I was watching or reading, but seemed quite happy to provide me with any dark or ominous story elements I showed interest in. So my strong affinity for all things detrimental to humankind on a massive scale such as global thermonuclear war, any number of virulent infectious agents, and of course technology that's just out to get us grew as I did.

Now today I've heard that the virtually unstoppable robots from the future are coming to the small screen in the form of "The Sarah Conner Chronicles". The primary writer is listed as Josh Friedman whose writing credits include the recent "War of the Worlds" remake and the sci-fi disaster "Chain Reaction", so I'm really not getting my hopes up. Add to that the fact that while Lena Headey is supposed to be pretty good in 300, and may do fine as Sarah Conner, she wouldn't last five minutes against Linda Hamilton if they did battle in Thunderdome.

Don't' get me wrong though, I still plan to tune the torrent watching rss feeds in preparation for premiere night and will post more when I can.