my youtube recommendations

I watch a lot of youtube. Like a lot. Far more than TV, netflix, or movies. I'm always looking for ways to find good stuff to watch and new channels to subscribe to since youtube recommendations haven't been worth a damn in quite some time.

Since I'm often mentioning interesting things I've watched I've had a few friends recently ask me for channel suggestions so here we go. My first listicle! In no particular order here are a bunch of youtube channels that I find interesting.

The Economist

Better than you'd think, even if you are interested in economics already.

Talks at Google

Google hosts a dizzying array of experts to give talks on a wide variety of subjects.

Crash Course

Learn everything.

Philosophy Tube

Just what it says on the tin.

School of Life

Just what it says on the tin.

Vice and Vice News

Journalism with f bombs, shit you won't see on MSNBC.

Singularity Lectures

A mix of scientists and dreamers speculating about how current state of the art might play out in the future.

Healthcare Triage

A pracicing pediatrician, researcher, columnist, and author sets you straight about health care.

Science Magazine

For real. The actual Science magazine.

The Royal Institution

For real. The actual Royal Institution.


Context on current events.

Caspian Report

This guy explains history and geopolitics. If the news tells you what happens, he can tell you why.

Channel Criswell

Digging deep into cinema.

Now You See It

Digging deep into cinema.

Every Frame a Painting

Digging deep into cinematography.

History Buffs

Comparing historical cinema to historical facts.

Cold Fusion

Sorta tech history focused, back stories on tech companies, trends, press releases, etc.

Complexity Academy

Complexity itself is a thing.

Stated Clearly

Evolution and the latest ideas on the origin of life laid out in simple terms.

Deep Learning TV

Machine learning explained clearly.

Derren Brown

A mentalist and skeptic screws around with peoples heads.

Motherboard TV

A tech blog for people who are wary of tech.


Thoughtful video essays about current events and popular culture.

Samy Kamkar

Hacking explained.

SciShow Space

Space is dope.

The Brain Scoop

Behind the scenes at one of the worlds best natural history museums.

Tom Scott

He goes to cool places and talks about things you might not know.

Wired UK

For some reason better than the main Wired channel.

PBS Space Time

The most hardcore space and physics show I've ever seen.