jiggabyte costs in canada at all time low

A few months back I wrote this crappy little Google Gadget to find me the best deal on hard drives North of the border. It pulls a listing off ShopBot and calculates the retail cost per gigabyte. Years of migrating my RAID from one set of disks to another had me fed up with doing the math myself, like most things I figured if a computer can do it faster then why the hell should I do it at all?

So for the past few weeks the best price has been hovering around CDN 17 cents / gig, but over the weekend it took quite a dive. I guess there's some kind of rebate at work here, but it seems mucho grande jiggabytes can be had for CDN 13 cents / gig today at NCIX. Of course, there's no guarantee the deal will still be going on at the time you read this, as the list refreshes pretty often.

Anyway I did have thoughts of cleaning up this gadget for public consumption, but like most quick and dirty hacks it did what I wanted so I never bothered fixing (read: creating) the UI or doing much else besides listing the best deals on my iGoogle homepage. There is code in there to sort by SATA/IDE, 2.5" / 3.5" form factors, brand, size, etc if you're feeling adventurous and really enjoy other peoples scripts. Of course if you do go in there and look about you'll surely perish in fits of laughter at my crufty DOM hacking and general abuse of Javascript as a whole.