i am reading

I internet pretty hard, surfing far and wide and going to great lengths to find the goods. I write scripts and tools to sort through mountains of links from various sources. I subscribe to, and this is not exaggeration, hundreds of RSS feeds and hundreds of subreddits. I put the internet to work for me and I want to share the fruits of my labour.

I often post links on Facebook or Twitter which I think will have a broad appeal but I've decided to create a space to share writing that probably won't be of interest to everyone. This is mostly long form writing, essays, blog posts, and articles covering a range of topics from social issues I'm interested in to things like philosophy, art, politics, and yes some seriously nerdy technology stuff as well.

Because they're long and sometimes challenging pieces with each link I'm including a quote or two that I found evocative or thought provoking to provide a hint of what you're getting in to.

So lovers of the written word and folks who enjoy having their imaginations pricked and their preconceptions prodded I invite you to read over my shoulder and I genuinely hope you enjoy: Rob is reading.