a guitar hero karaoke bar

A while back I mentioned a strong desire for a combination of beers and guitar hero to present itself. As it happens about a month ago that happened. While scoping out a cheapdrunks bar called Bistro 422 I met a guy named Craig who told tales of such a place here in town. The rumor was that the Chelsea Room on Dundas W. had GH2 every Wednesday night as well as $3.50 drinks.

So naturally, we rallied the troops and hauled our asses down to check it out. Its definitely on at the Chelsea Room. Drinks are indeed cheap and the rock is projected onto a mighty large wall. Hump-day will never be the same again! I'm off tonight at 11, plan to be there with the Rock Sauce flowin by 11:30 :)

Obligatory Facebook group photos here.

Also on the topic of gaming, Interplay is talking Fallout MMO. OhPleaseOhPleaseOhPleaseOhPleaseOhPlease!

UPDATE (Jan 24/08): GH at the Chelsea Room will be coming to a close in about three weeks, with work being done to get a Rock Band night happening. See also some newer GH @ Chelsea stuff here and stay up to date on the facebook group.